Sprolo is Marketing on Purpose

A lean, mean marketing machine.

Topher Hall started a company called Sprolo in a startup lab on the campus of George Mason University in 2012 as a means for startups to gain traction in social media. Since then, the company grew to serve professional services and nonprofits in the Northern Virginia area. The company began recruiting top talent in marketing and growing to serve clients across professional industries. Law firms, human resource companies, medical practices and business-to-business organizations saw tremendous results in their partnership with the team.

Sprolo now operates two headquarters in Lansdowne, Virginia and Gilbert, Arizona. Both areas are located in the suburbs of powerhouse metro areas, Phoenix and Washington, D.C..

Sprolo has specialized in content marketing, from creative production to sales funnel optimization. The company that creates client videos with Hollywood talent is the same team that creates content funnels and digital marketing campaigns that bring in real money.

In a world saturated with content, Sprolo crafts messages that cut through the clutter and resonate with prospects.

Sprolo continues to grow in NOVA and the Valley of the Sun.