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Sprolo is a small business and not-for-profit marketing group with specialties in video marketing, social media and marketing automation. We provide campaigns and ongoing marketing support for high caliber, growing organizations.




We are marketing consultants dedicated to helping your business delight its current client base and increase revenue. Through proven methods of digital marketing and demand-generating content, we help businesses gain and retain customers.



Strategic growth in areas that matter. We grow an ecosystem including websites, social outposts and rich media content; all of which serve to grow a digital footprint and lead customers from awareness to purchase.

Gain New Advantages for Your Company
We’ve gone above and beyond for our clients across the United States, serving a premium blend of storytelling, marketing and technology. Sign up for a free consultation, and we’ll promptly respond.

Tell Stories. Blend Marketing Automation and Humanity. Grow Business.

Use us to improve business through creative marketing. There are two ways to get involved:

How to Find Clients and Keep Them: The Repeat Customer

You’ve got a great business. Maybe you have a law firm that’s picking up steam, or a local financial services company that’s getting great word of mouth. Or maybe you have a start up restaurant that’s ready for prime time. One thing is for sure. You need repeat clients and they need to sing your praises from the mountaintops. Let’s make that happen.

Businesses need video now more than ever. Gain leads, inbound marketing gravity and client loyalty through video.
Top-Tier Video Production and Marketing

Top-Tier Video Production and Marketing

Marketing and Video Married and Loving It. You can expect the highest caliber of video production for your organization. More importantly, we’re not selling video gear to your company — we’re offering a story; a story that gets watched and gets...
An effective digital marketing strategy is vital. We offer top-shelf consulting focused on measured results.
Sprolo Consulting

Sprolo Consulting

Sprolo Marketing Consulting This is what we do. Sprolo has core competencies in the following areas:   Marketing strategy Video storytelling Ad Creative Out of the Box Concepts Building Loyalty Finding Voice Branding Speaking New Technology Customer Service Music...
Case Study: Marketing Consulting and Project

Case Study: Marketing Consulting and Project

Consulting and Project Execution in Marketing Case Study: Growing Security Firm in Alexandria, Virginia The Shattuck Group is a security technology company in Alexandria, Virginia. Management approached Sprolo with some specific, and some not-so-specific needs. The...

Sprolo Consulting and Project Execution


gmu-wBorn in the hustle and bustle of the Northern Virginia business community, Sprolo has accomplished marketing goals on behlaf of companies in technology, service, law and not-for-profit. We specialize in creative marketing and measuring impact. We are “idea people” and we are full-stack technicians. Companies look to us for quarterly marketing audits and analysis, marketing campaigns, creative projects, website development and marketing automation.

We lean towards organizations with noble missions. Sometimes that mission is to serve an underserved population, and sometimes that mission is to make business easier in certain industries. Our consultants are led by Topher Hall, a young marketer from the nonprofit and innovalab2government contracting world. Topher is an “out of the box” marketer, focused heavily on the use of video in overall strategy. His mantra is “audience engagement over all.” An engaged pool of prospects and leads are more quickly to convert. Sprolo fosters ongoing engagement around a company, with the end goal of increased leads and increased customers.



Topher Hall

Topher Hall


Founder, (founded as George Mason University project) content marketing strategist and a passionate songwriter. Can be found designing, shooting videos or playing obscure open mic nights.
Outstanding Collaborators

Outstanding Collaborators

  • Jarrod Brown, Marketing Strategy
  • Angie Hall, M.S., Content Writer
  • Chris Elliot, Web Design and Analytics
  • Katie Hawkins, M.B.A., Direct Marketing Strategy
  • Sarah M. Garthwaite, Social Media Marketing
  • Kevin Pelkhe, Partner, Potomac Printing, Marketing Collateral
  • James Guitard, Video Marketing Specialist
A Friendly, Creative Team

A Friendly, Creative Team

Our digital marketing experts partner with healthcare providers, technology firms, business services and professional advising companies to drive sales and loyalty through creative content and web presence-building.
Topher Hall, Principal
Topher Hall wears many hats. Some of them are baseball hats. Others are project manager, showrunner, video producer, marketing strategist and advocate for justice reform. Topher founded this company on the campus of George Mason University in the “Innovation Lab,” an incubator for burgeoning companies. Since then, he has produced marketing strategy and content for top level government contractors, not-for-profits, and other private sector businesses.
Our Clients
Our clients include business across industries: Government Contracting, Human Resources, Medical, Not-For-Profit and growing brands.

Create New Competitive Advantages

We have a strong reputation for results. In an automated marketing world, creativity wins.

How to Find Clients that Pay and Stay

We have two marketing hubs for mid market businesses: Metro Phoenix and Metro Washington DC. We have top-tier talent in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston and much of Northern Virginia. In Arizona, we serve business from Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler up into North Phoenix and Scottsdale. We’re friendly, creative marketers with a passion for simple solutions with big results.